About Scott...
Scott is a cheese eating monkey.

name: Scott Lawrence
former nicknames: Jerry, Splogget
e-mail: yorgle@gmail.com
web: http://umlautllama.com
icbm: 43.068779, 77.588061W

resumé: on request
irc: BleuLlama or Yorgle
start page: this one

LiveJournal: jerronimo
del.icio.us: Yorgle
YouTube: Yorgle
Tumblr: bleullama
Twitter: yorgle

github: BleuLlama
Google Code: yorgle
freshmeat: jerronimo
iPodLinux: BleuLlama
Protopage: BleuLlama

The cartoon graphic is used with permission. It was originally created by my good friend Chris Pallace, and is "Jerry", the character that represents me in the comic strip Clenched Fist Labs.
These pages are hosted at Warped.com. They have reasonable rates, great service, and are run by a former Amiga dude, Cryo... so that's gotta be good!

Scott Lawrence